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 Andre Beriault

Andre Beriault

Andre Beriault

About author, equipment

Exclusive portraitist and travel reporter. All finishing with Photoshop CS4 & Lightroom - Nikon D3, D300 with several Nikkor F 1:8 & F2:8 lenses.

Author: Andre Beriault
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B&W / Duotones

Passage Through time
Andre Beriault
Andre Beriault
Constructivism II
Andre Beriault
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Russia's foremost contemporary artist. A painter, sculptor and profound humanist whith a profound gratitude to life, art and love. His works can be seen the world over.
Gregory Pototsky
Andre Beriault
Photo shot in 2006 at the Moscow I-O Gallery during a workshop. Thank you ever so much to Julia & Alexander for their gracefull help.
Andre Beriault
Andre Beriault
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MUSE Collection

One woman, a thousand views. In this collection, one woman, one face, represent the global Feminity of the univers which is the source to all creativity. One can only be thankfull to be alive when eternal life is so certain. These montage are entirely composed of photographs, some a few as 5 or 6 others with more than 24

The fairies playing
Andre Beriault
God is Femininity and universal Inspiration for all in the universe. The Genesis of Man fails to inform us that Art is the base of all truth, not knowledge.
Eve and the tree of universal knowledge
Andre Beriault
Computer montage in 7 pieces
Prometheus gives fire to the race of humans
Andre Beriault
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Churches, Domes & Icons

Art always was used to bring humankind prayers to a higher level. Can it's pure form be allowed then, to be seen and judged simply as an other form of expression?

St-Sauveur, city spirit well and alive!
Andre Beriault
Sergeyev Posad - Assomption Cathedral
Light I
Andre Beriault
Andre Beriault
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Water, source of life

I have a personnal attraction for water, base of all living life on this miniature and constantly shringking world of ours. We are squandering this richness as if new ressources will arrive by magic from space. We need to tell every one how it is precious and beautifull...Please pass on the word! Russian version will follow soon.

The old willow by the pond
Andre Beriault
The old willow by the pond 2
Andre Beriault
Andre Beriault
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Glamour & Nudes

Green summer
Andre Beriault
Nude on fur
Andre Beriault
River dreamer
Andre Beriault
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The city

How cities force and tremble to compete with quiet forests and moving seas! Their beauty resides in shape and the secrets they keep for millions of people.

Moscow, Millenium Park
Children playing
Andre Beriault
Selected for an exhibition  in Beijing, at the Three Shadows Photo Art Center - Theme: Canadian cameras at work, 2009
Waiting for summer
Andre Beriault
Upside down
Andre Beriault
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Nature in colour

Garden heron
Andre Beriault
Montreal Botanical Garden
Heron fishing
Andre Beriault
Candy tulips I
Andre Beriault
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How people live in the city

During the service
Andre Beriault
Andre Beriault
Please dont rate this image ! Just for fun
Two very different families meet in a garden. Please dont rate, just comment the very original ducks that came by themselves to visit. This photo is to exchange ideas only.
A touch of humour
Andre Beriault
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Travel & Landscapes

Souzdal - St-Euthymius, before the restoration of
Andre Beriault
Andre Beriault
Travel by train
Andre Beriault
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Фотографии, недавно оцененные автором в +3

Багио (Филиппины)
Наталия Бронзова
10 / 78 / 192
2.aug.11 (tue)
Урданета, Филиппины.
One at home ...
Наталия Бронзова
5 / 71 / 273
27.july.11 (wed)
Наталия Бронзова
2 / 12 / 414
14.aug.10 (sat)
Брянская обл. с.Овстуг родина Ф.И.Тютчева, одновременно и место паломничества свадебных кортежей.
Первые круговороты семейного счастья
Роман Логический
25 / 222 / 996
26.july.10 (mon)
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Н.Новгород. Собор св. А.Невского. Стрелка.
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Manhattan, New York, USA
New York Skyline
Vadim Balakin
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